Swimming to relieve back pain

According to the figure put forward by the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of the world population suffers at least once in their life from back pain. Back pain has become the disease of the century. There are several methods to relieve this discomfort such as the hammam, spa or swimming. Swimming is very effective if it is applied well.

A body in motion

During the swimming session, the muscles of the whole body are in motion. Thanks to the water, the body is almost weightless. Thus, bodily movements are facilitated without the risk of colliding or rubbing with the ground. The innate resistance of water strengthens the muscles. After a swimming exercise, the muscles become relaxed. A good swim tones the muscles of the back which is essential to fight back pain. It is then necessary to know how to choose the type of swimming to practice.

Choose the right swim

The fight against back pain requires good swimming. Not all types of swimming are good for back health. The crawl is the most suitable for combating this disease. This style ensures the development and opening of the rib cage and allows the back muscles to work better in a normal and harmonious way. The backstroke corrects abnormalities in back curvatures, corrects lumbar curvature and reduces neck problems. Mastery of the crawl stroke is an added advantage. However, this type of swimming requires good working knowledge, if necessary, a lifeguard who helps the patient in order to avoid false movements. Otherwise, it is better to abstain to avoid more pain in the spine.

Swimming to be avoided

Unlike the front crawl, the breaststroke accentuates lumbar hyperlordosis. This increases the dorsal arch which becomes excessive. The same goes for the butterfly stroke. This type of swimming induces kyphosis of the back or deformity of the spine. Finally, therefore, although swimming is a complete physical exercise and ideal for fighting back pain, it must be practiced within the standards.

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