The must visit coasts of Europe

An intimate holiday on the beach is a good idea for a holiday. Most of us prefer to spend time in a hammock in the sun on a fine sandy beach and listen to the rumors of sea waves in the background.

A good summer plans

This is the perfect time to plan your summer vacation. He thinks that most families book flights and hotels on dates that correspond to their children's school holidays. The availability is therefore quickly exhausted and the best offers are gone.

Let's go to Mykonos

If you want to enjoy the island in peace and quiet and you are not interested in the holidays, the best months to visit Mykonos are from March to June (spring) and from September to November (autumn). In these times, you will find good weather, fewer people, better prices and a very peaceful general atmosphere. In March and April, the island prepares for the high season rent a boat mykonos with attractive activities. You will see many people working on the renovation of workshops, painting facades and streets, and setting up arrangements in general. Some services may be out of service and some commercial and gastronomic activity may be limited.

Europe is ready for relaxation ideas

He thinks of Europe and its many cities come to mind. And we like to go on city trips. But when summer comes, we throw more beaches. Going to bed in the sun while listening to the waves breaking on the shore is a good plan. But it is difficult to choose a beach in Europe! And not because there's nowhere to choose from. On the contrary... If you thought the top of the beaches were in the Caribbean, you'll see that there are also real wonders nearby.

There are so many islands and miles of coastline that caress the sea, that it seems impossible to choose just one of its many beach paradises.

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