The beauty of the sea

Paradise on earth is what defines this little corner of the globe. A group of small islands floating in Andaman near the Thai territory. The Similan Islands respond exactly to what nature worshipers are looking for. Indeed, these islets abound in abundant vegetation everywhere but above all a breathtaking setting to welcome tourists.

The beauty of blue diamonds

Blue diamonds, that's what is called this small group of islands of Thailand. Arriving on the first island, it is already possible to make a small attempt at diving. And from this place, divers will see endemic species of fish that are only found in this side of Asia. But by continuing the journey by speedboat further, it is easier to discover other breathtaking natural landscapes. The seabed is made of corals and full of vegetation that nourish marine animals such as fish or turtles. The similan islands diving is actually the activity that should not be missed by going to Phuket, off the coast of Thailand. With diving pros who are already ready to welcome and guide tourists, it is very easy to get to this place and its depths. With about thirty diving spots all over the archipelago, it is impossible not to find happiness there.

The nine islets of paradise

The Similan archipelago is appreciated by many for its remarkable sites, it is for this reason that it is ranked among the 10 best spots of the world, rightly so. Indeed, in these seabed are the greatest concentration of marine fauna of Thailand even of all the Asia. The waters are, moreover, warm enough to make the corals more ardent and salient in the water. A water of incredible clarity, it is even possible to admire the depths from the height of a boat. These granite islets have been part of a National Park since 1982 and what has guaranteed since this virgin nature and this environment unique in the world.

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